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Pet Cremations & Funerals

Pet Cremations & Funerals

For most of us, our pets are an integral part of our families. When a beloved fur baby dies, it can be as traumatic as losing a human member of our family. Many pet owners turn to their veterinarian for advice after a pet loss and/or look for a pet cemetery or pet crematorium. A few funeral directors, though, have begun to use their expertise and give grieving families a new option.

Members of offer their thoughts

Members of, a popular online forum for those who are grieving, were asked what they thought about funeral homes offering pet services, including pet cremations and funeral services. While the answers were varied, pet owners supported the idea. After all, many thought there is no one better to help during the loss of a beloved pet than someone who is respected and trusted enough to care for the rest of the family’s funeral needs.

Pet owner, Conrad, completely agreed that human funeral homes would be a great source of pet service options. He said, “Pets are a big part of our lives. They are so loyal to us, and they deserve the best always.”

Carol, Sandy, Lori and Chin all liked the idea, too. Carol said, “I love my babies. I would use a human funeral home for pet services.”

Karla and Shannon are the proud owner of several pets, and they wholeheartedly thought it was a great idea. Shannon said, “I would provide this service to anyone, because after all, pets are part of the family, too.”

Not everyone is sure that it’s a good fit

There were members, however, who weren’t so enthused with the idea. Angela and Cheryl were concerned about the level of care that could be offered. Angela said, “My friend was cremated with her bed and favorite toy at a vet. I don’t think a they would grant my wishes at a funeral home.”

Felicia, who works for a pet crematorium, had never heard of such an opportunity for pet owners. She said, “I’ve never heard of a human funeral home offering the service. I have and will always have my babies cremated.”

Decide if it is a good fit for your business and community

So, while the idea of offering pet services at a human funeral home may be a relatively novel one, it is something funeral directors may want to consider as they strive to offer comprehensive care for all of their community members. And, it is a potential source of additional revenue. At the very least, funeral directors should consider keeping pet service information available to provide to bereaved pet owners who may call looking for help in their time of need.


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