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Directors' Choice Funeral Home Answering Services - A Compassionate Concierge Experience for Every Caller

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We are much more than just a funeral home call center. Directors’ Choice is a dedicated answering service for funeral directors that goes far beyond basic phone answering. Our team provides boutique, concierge encounters for every family that contacts you. We are communication specialists that create fully integrated engagement solutions. This makes managing your business easier all while enhancing the experience for those that trust you in their time of need.

24/7/365 Commitment and Support

Our 24-hour answering service for funeral homes, cemeteries, cremation experts, and other Deathcare businesses is committed to supporting you and your staff. Directors’ Choice call handling and communication solutions for funeral service providers are unmatched. And you won’t find the incredible level of care we provide for families anywhere else. We help you take care of the people who rely on you while they grieve. Our compassionate team of funeral answering service agents never miss an opportunity to lend a kind ear and a helping hand.

We understand that not all interactions are alike – many require special care. No matter the time of day, these calls must be met with dedicated, empathetic support. Directors’ Choice helps ensure no call goes unanswered with our professional contact center services.

Funeral Director's family outside

Our funeral director answering service lets you rest assured knowing each and every call will receive unparalleled attention. We use custom scripts and your protocols to take care of families with the same patience and expertise as you would.

Directors’ Choice can help handle calls about:

  • Memorial times
  • Obituaries
  • Care of body
  • Completion of death certificate
  • The all-important First Call after a loss

A Unique, Customized Approach

First Calls receive special consideration from our funeral director answering service agents. We will escalate those calls based on your preferences. We can even prioritize non-critical calls that come in overnight to ensure your attention and productivity are on point. This service not only safeguards you against competitive shopping, but it also helps drive your business to be more profitable.

Beyond call answering, we have developed a full suite of tools and solutions that complement our core offering. From sales support to help close new business and integrations with your CRM, to seminar registration and event confirmation, imagine us as your communication consultant.


We exclusively partner with businesses in the Deathcare Profession. Directors’ Choice funeral answering services are ideal for organizations with specialties like these.

Funeral Homes

Funeral home owners and their teams rely on Directors’ Choice to provide the best answering service for funeral directors. We always strive to go beyond simply answering the phone.


From documenting first encounter details to providing valuable information to families, our team can do so much more for cremations service providers than simply taking messages.


Whether it is a routine phone call during your busy day or an urgent matter after hours, Directors’ Choice is available 24/7 to help you manage your cemetery or church graveyard.

Preparation & Storage

In this line of work, families are often unfamiliar with what to expect. That is why we strive to facilitate communication experiences that make the details count.


We integrate with your processes in a customized manner that fits your requirements whether transportation is your specialty or part of a suite of services you offer.

Pet Services

Pets are usually part of the family, which is why we extend every courtesy our clients and their families have come to expect in these difficult situations.


Directors’ Choice answering service for funeral directors offers an ideal combination of tools and benefits. We strive to keep your business running smoothly while providing excellent experiences for your families.

Learn more about our contact center features here.

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We believe that harnessing the best technology is key to providing the best funeral home answering service. Our DC to Go mobile app accommodates even the busiest funeral directors’ schedule by putting the information you need at your fingertips. Our online portal is another way for you to manage your account and glean information to make important business decisions. The Directors’ Choice web chat feature ensures you can reach potential customers and the families you serve via their preferred communication method. From your computer to your cell phone, the tools you require for success are within reach. And thanks to API and integration capabilities, we can seamlessly weave our service into your existing tools for maximized results.

Our Representatives

Our award-winning, passionate agents are trained extensively to serve only the Deathcare Profession. We offer dedicated mortuary answering service for directors, their staff, and their families. The Directors’ Choice team understands the importance of every call while treating your families with the respect and empathy they deserve. When we answer a call, we do so quickly, and provide them with appropriate attention, answering their questions and ensuring the call is handled just the way you prefer.

Account Management

Directors’ Choice funeral home call center supervisors work closely with our clients to ensure we always live up to our commitment to being the most trustworthy funeral call answering service. That includes live agents answering calls within three rings or less, dispatch within 15 minutes and a level of service that can only be achieved thanks to a concierge, boutique approach. We are always available to our directors for questions and concerns. And if we notice a way your account can perform even better, we’ll be sure to run our suggestions by you.