Directors’ Choice Contact Center Features

With cutting-edge technology, professionally trained staff and over 20 years of experience exclusive to Deathcare Professionals, we serve your families just as you would – with compassion, knowledge and reassurance.

Here are some of the many features and capabilities Directors’ Choice clients can count on.

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Exclusive Deathcare Agents

Our sole focus is the Deathcare Profession. Our clients are all funeral homes, cremation experts, cemeteries, morgues, or transportation/transfer services. Specialized training is provided to every agent who represents your business so that we can truly act as an extension of your company.

Men working as virtual receptionist on a computer

24 Hour Live Coverage

Our team is available 24/7/365, including all holidays, and we answer in 3 rings or less. Your callers receive undivided attention from a caring representative no matter when they dial your number. With 24-hour support, you never miss a call or opportunity to be there for a family.

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Mobile App

Our easy-to-use DC to Go app ensures you always have real-time access to manage on-call and service information, no matter where you might be. This is the powerful pocket tool that many of our clients love, because it makes call handling and message management a breeze.

Online portal of call metrics chart for phone answering and virtual receptionists

Online Portal

Our reports provide information about the interactions we manage on your behalf, including caller information, messages, and service schedule updates. You can also use the portal to manage your account and even review call trends to help make important business decisions.

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Message Delivery and Priority

Choose who your messages should be sent to and the method of delivery (text, email, call, mobile app notification, etc.). We can even prioritize your messages based on importance. For your reference, all call details are also logged to the secure online portal.

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Live Transfers

If a call meets your criteria, we can initiate a warm transfer to the appropriate staff member so callers can receive the immediate attention you want to provide. Based on your established protocols, we will offer compassionate support to families until we are able to transfer the call to you.

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Early Alert Messaging

We can send a text message to your designated team members when we receive an urgent call, giving them more time to provide exceptional support. Directors’ Choice understands that there are some calls you want to return as soon as possible.

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Web Chat

With our chat support, your website visitors and families can connect with your organization and access high-quality service with the click of a button. This option enables representatives to be there for the people reaching out to you in the manner they are most comfortable with at the time.

Men working on his laptop as a sales support for answering company

Sales Support

Spend more time attending to your families and leave the lead follow up to us. We can support your sales efforts by responding to leads from your website or other sources. Our outreach team will answer questions and arrange times to connect with your team to help grow the group of families you serve.

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Seminar Registration

We can help you get people signed up for your seminars and even conduct event confirmation outreach. Simply tell us about the event you’re planning and we’ll provide support to help boost attendance and the overall success of your function.

Funeral home CRM integrations

CRM Integrations

Our API and integration capabilities allow us to document all encounters within your system. You control the permissions of a fully integrated solution, or we can create an API that pulls all the information you want into your funeral home CRM or Deathcare family management system.

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Bilingual Agents

The Directors’ Choice team includes bilingual agents who speak both English and Spanish fluently. This enables us to put even more callers at ease, giving them the confidence they made the right choice by calling your business.

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Full Customization

Creating family experiences that seamlessly represent your brand demands flexible scripting and protocols designed to meet your unique requirements. As your partner, we expertly facilitate the comforting encounters you want for your families while designing processes that enhance your workflows.

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Communication Consultation

As communication specialists in the Deathcare Profession, we have the experience and expertise required to help you reach your goals. Our team is eager to hear about what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll make it a reality by creating your ideal communication workflow.