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Going “Green”

Going “Green”

Directors’ Choice Goes Green!

This week marks the beginning of Spring!  Many of us look forward to the white, gray, and brownish drab of winter giving way to a brilliant backdrop of green, speckled with all the colors of the rainbow.

Here at Directors’ Choice, we are always looking for more ways to “Go Green”.   Every little bit counts – and here are just a few of the contributions we are making towards the well-being of our planet:

҉   Using energy-saving electronics

҉   Turning lights off / using natural light / motion-sensor lighting

҉   Using regular dishes and kitchenware to avoid unnecessary waste

҉   Conserving water and washing dishes all at once instead of one at a time

҉   Recycling all paper products

҉   Recycling all bottles, cans, etc… (proceeds donated to charity)

҉   Using Eco-friendly cleaning products

҉   Supporting local business (conserving transport costs outside our local range)

҉   Preferred use of e-mail or text versus paper mailing or faxing

҉   Encouraging employee car-pooling or use of public transport

҉   Paperless filing throughout all departments.

Our most recent “Green” endeavor, and the one that we are most proud of, are our many Home-Based Agents, some of the first in the funeral answering service industry.

Research suggests that the recent wave of “Telecommuting” employees can actually help slow global warming, reduce traffic jams and carbon footprints, and greatly reduce office energy consumption, among other benefits not necessarily related to the environment.   It has been proven that this “home-based” work not only helps the planet but, when implemented properly, results in happy, more productive employees!   We’ll focus more on the benefits of this exciting initiative in the coming weeks.

“Going Green” is a movement that can make a difference in any industry.   In the funeral industry there are continuous “green” innovations being developed related to cremation, burials and all of the materials involved.   Not all of the many available options are right for every funeral home or every family, but it is important to consider where YOUR business is going and what YOUR families will be looking for in the future. Within your funeral home – there are always small changes that can be made to conserve energy.

Join the discussion!   Share your tips, and your thoughts on the latest “green” initiatives you’ve been hearing about in the funeral industry. 

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