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You’re the Best.

You’re the Best.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious, funeral home staff and directors are the most qualified to answer phones at a funeral home. There is no disputing this fact. After all, you’re the experts! However, when it comes to 2nd best, and getting a good night’s rest (or peace while meeting with a family or your colleagues)….That’s where we come in.

Directors’ Choice has been fielding calls for funeral homes (exclusively, we might add) for almost fifteen years now. It’s safe to say that we have learned a thing or two along the way about how to take proper care of a caller to a funeral home. On top of this, the death-care industry and the world’s technology are constantly evolving. As a result, so are we.

Our company motto is to always “Do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.” This is just one of the many traits that have helped in us earning our spot as the premier answering service for North American funeral homes. We offer a premium service focused on your calls and your families, driven by our caring and professional agents.

The difference between Directors’ Choice and other companies is the focus we place on VALUE and quality in our own service offerings.  It is always our top priority.

The perfect combination of funeral industry experience and proper telephone etiquette is our specialty. We’ve asked Steven, our Recruitment and Training Manager, to weigh in on just a few of the points he “drives home” to our agents on a regular basis (who knows, they may just come in handy for that new employee you recently hired):

  1. The caller requires, and deserves, your undivided, whole attention and focus.  As soon as a call comes into an agent, it immediately becomes their top priority.
  2. Losing a First Call is not an option.  We guarantee it!
  3. No Family First Call is ever put on hold.  Constant awareness that the person on the other end of the phone is going through one of the most difficult times in their life.
  4. Always have escalation procedures in place.  Supervisors are on duty 24/7.
  5. “Their funeral home – Your voice”. Our agents are often the first impression a family has of our clients.  Your business only ever gets ONE first impression.
  6. Your answering service is not “just the answering service”.  Our agents learn what takes them from being “just the answering service” by making the callers feel “looked after” before the end of the call.
  7. Go above and beyond to help. We have the capabilities to go beyond taking a message. We help the callers – whether it’s giving out directions, service and florist information or by collecting all necessary first call information before dispatching transfer.
  8. Balance your Phone Manner.  We tell each team member to picture an old fashioned set of scales. “Professionalism” is on one side and “Casual” is on the other side. Their job is to find the balance, when conducting themselves on the phone, to make the caller feel confident. Going unbalanced in either direction affects the whole interaction with the callers.

Check out the short video below that highlights 5 very simple Telephone Etiquette Tips that are often overlooked, and how important they can be to your business!



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