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The Power of Partnership – HMIS & Directors’ Choice

The Power of Partnership – HMIS & Directors’ Choice

Our story begins like this: Two funeral industry leaders in technology meet at an NFDA Convention and strike up a conversation. They quickly realize they share common values and a passion for innovation – and the gears start turning. Their colleagues join the conversation and things take an exciting turn: A partnership blossoms as they realize the potential that lays ahead….They spend the next year developing the first integration of its kind. The rest is history!

Meet our Partner: HMIS

HMIS of Merrimack, NH has set the industry standard in death-care software for multi-location cemeteries and funeral homes for over a quarter of a century.

A strategic alliance in 2010 spawned the launching of an innovative interface which allows data collected by Directors’ Choice operators to be transferred immediately (in real-time) into the HMIS Funeral Home database, CafeAdvantage. CafeAdvantage is a web-based program designed to deliver superior performance accessible from multiple locations including Directors’ Choice.

Here’s how it works:

  • Directors’ Choice operators expertly handle a First Call on your behalf after hours, and enter the data into their system.
  • At the moment that call is completed and all required information has been collected; the interface populates your funeral home data base (death certificates, announcements, obituaries etc).
  • At any time, from anywhere, you can log into CaféAdvantage and find your first call information waiting. There is no need to grab a pile of faxes or printed email off your desk and start entering new cases – it’s already done and you only need to verify the information!
  • The really neat part is that you can do this by listening to the audio file of the call that is attached to the file.
  • As a bonus, with real-time read-only access to the service information in CaféAdvantage, there is no need to contact Directors’ Choice every day with additions and changes to service arrangements, or upload it to any other system…they have it 24/7.

Funeral Homes who currently use HMIS and Directors’ Choice can take advantage of this fantastic integration for free. Yes, I did say free! For all of you current Directors’ Choice Clients looking for better management software, we strongly recommend you give Nancy @ HMIS a call. She’ll be waiting to show you a free demo (again with the FREE!). And because we like to save client time in so many ways, here’s her number for you: 1-603-883-5692.

One phone call can make all the difference in the world – this we know on so many levels. HMIS customers enjoy this great new integration and many other benefits that ultimately improve your customer support and assist in managing your business all the way to bigger profits.

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