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Getting to Know Directors’ Choice

Getting to Know Directors’ Choice

Amy, Sales and Marketing Manager

Amy started with Directors’ Choice at only 19 years of age. After moving through various positions over the last decade, she has settled into her role as our Sales & Marketing Manager (and has also recently marked the big 3-0!).  Amy spends her days chatting with funeral directors, owners and managers across North America, promoting the company she knows so well.

Amy’s family has grown alongside her career over the last decade, with the addition of two young daughters and marriage to her high school sweetheart. If you ask Amy what word describes her best, it is “organized”…A messy desk (or house) drives her absolutely crazy, and she can’t leave for the day without straightening every pile of paper and putting every pen back in it’s holder.

 We recently asked Amy to tell us about why she committed herself to representing our company with such passion.

 I’ve spent years soaking in all the little bits and pieces that have helped to make Directors’ Choice what it is today.  I’ve seen system changes, new technologies, and evolving industry trends all affect the services we offer to our clients.  The key is to adapt.  It’s exciting to be a part of a company that adapts so well to change, yet continues to hold dear the importance of providing the absolute best customer-service experience.

 I watch our team in action every day (I even watch our internal chat system live, as it happens!), and am involved in everything from Client Services to Tech Support.   Staying up-to-date on all things Directors’ Choice gives me the confidence every day to pick up my phone and know that I have the tools to help whoever may be on the line. 

 I’m not your typical salesperson, and anyone I’ve talked to can probably tell you that.  When my phone rings, or you approach our booth at a trade show, you can hear how I’m excited I am introduce you to our team, and to get to know you and your company.   Everything we do is customized, so getting to know your daily routine, in and out of the office is just part of the information I use to develop a personalized solution for your business.   Let’s say you mention to me that you’re headed out to your kid’s soccer game in a few minutes.  I’ll tell you about our mobile apps and texting options, and then ask you if they won the next time we talk!

 I’m not the only person around here that has this passion.  Everyone who works at Directors’ Choice is here because they love what they do.  From CEO to Operator, our entire team is dedicated to providing assistance in any way they can and go home at the end of the day feeling they’ve made a difference.   There’s a reason we’ve gone home with multiple “Best Places to Work” awards! 

 I just happen to be one of the faces/voices that our new customers spend their first few weeks with.   I really enjoy spending those few weeks with new clients of Directors’ Choice – it’s a big part of why I do what I do.  All in all, I consider myself an ambassador for our whole team.  It’s a pleasure and a responsibility that I take very seriously. 

Favorite Quote: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

Here’s a photo of Amy at home, taken by her 7 year old daughter (apparently a photographer in the making!)

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